Become Royalty

Becoming Royalty

We are so glad that you are interested in LiCK!  We are looking for new performing members (Fresh Meat) as well as show volunteers (Stiff Staff).  Stiff Staff are expected to attend our business meetings but may also attend rehearsals if they wish.  Fresh Meat performers are expected to attend both.

We hold auditions/interviews twice a year and spots are limited!

To audition as a performer or stage kitten:

Please note: your audition piece does NOT need to be polished!  We are interested in seeing that you have put thought into your song choice, character, costume and choreography… we expect auditions pieces to be works in process from most! You will need to come in full make up and costume, there is a dressing room available.  Please arrive with any props and your music on CD or iPod. When you have a number to audition with, contact us and we will let you know the date of our next round of auditions, they are usually held in January and in June/July.   If you are interested in performing both drag and ‘lesque, we ask that you prepare one number of each.  However we will give you time for a quick gender/costume change!

To interview as Stiff Staff/volunteer:

Come to one of our bi-annual audition nights and fill in an application.  If you are a photographer, graphic designer or have another skill you think might be useful please be prepared to show us some of your work.  We will interview you at the audition night. Stiff Staff also help run every show: stage/seating set up, door, merch, photography, videography, graphic design, web design/maintenance and social media support.


We rehearse Wednesday nights at Passional Sexploratorium, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, from 7 to 9 PM.  During this time we rehearse group numbers, as well as, solo or duo numbers for group feedback.  However, we are a busy troupe, so we assume and expect members will rehearse their solo numbers on their own time.  One Wednesday a month we have a business meeting, which start at 8:00 and runs till 9:30. All new performing members are called Fresh meat and are expected to come to rehearsals and bring in their numbers to work on.  ALL Fresh Meat, regardless of performance background, Stage Kitten their first show. Second show the Fresh Meat class performs a group number, and third show a solo.  We will not put you onstage in a solo number until you are ready!  In the meantime, Fresh Meat are expected to also help out at shows with door, merch and stage help if not performing and are also expected to help with set up at every show.

LiCK considers the troupe to be like a family.  Given that, we consider a new member or volunteer to be kind of like a new girlfriend or boyfriend, in that we need to take time to get to know each other before you become part of the family.  Thus all Fresh Meat/Stiff Staff have a probation period.  we have learned from experience to transition members into the group slowly.  We all need to make sure that we fit, both creatively and personality-wise!

We are also queer-identified troupe, which means that we specifically seek out members in the LGBTQI community.  Not to discriminate against straight folks, but we need to maintain our queer identity, this way we also distinguish ourselves from the other troupes in the city.  LiCK tends to perform acts that are comedic, political, kinky and vulgar, although we may sprinkle in more high-class or classical drag and burlesque occasionally for fun!  We prefer all performing members to be at least 21 as most of our shows are in 21+ venues and we cannot for legal reasons have performers under 21 at many of venues.  However if you are under 21 we have been known to make an exception, but there might be limitations on where you can perform.  Please don’t be offended if we check your ID as all the venues will!

We do at least 24 LiCK shows a year as well as performing for other events every month.  In addition, throughout the year we do several events for free as fundraisers for organizations that fit with our mission statement and group values.  All members are expected to be available to perform for some fundraisers as well.

You are invited to RSVP to audition at one of our formal audition nights.

If you have any questions please contact us through FB or our email:

If you are an established performer who is looking to guest perform but not audition please contact us, we usually book two guest performers per show.